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Specialist Teams

MACC International Ltd provides specialist teams to conduct Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) operations in compliance with United Nations International Mine Action Standards (UN-IMAS).

MACC maintain the highest quality assurance and control QA/QC standards, employing well trained expatriate and local contractors.

MACC actively support the transfer of expertise to local individuals thereby fostering local community empowerment.

Typical projects undertaken are:

    Destruction and dismantling of bulk weapons and ordnance.

    Humanitarian Demining

    Mine Risk Education

    ERW Clearance operations including air dropped sub-munitions (cluster bombs).

    Counter insurgency search, seal and security supported by explosive detection dogs

    Maritime operations including clearance divers and remote operated vehicles (ROV).

    Quality assurance, control and audit teams.

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    MACC International Limited 

    Camilla Court,

    Nacton Village,


    Suffolk IP10 0EU

    +44 (0) 1473 655127

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    MACC International Ltd. of Ipswich Suffolk is fully ISO Certified Chas Logo
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