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MACC International Ltd provides experienced EOD engineers to conduct Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) Surveys and Investigations.

The surveys can be carried out from the surface or by intrusive methods.

Surface (Non-Intrusive) UXO surveys are ideal for large open fields and are completed with negligible environmental impact to the land. They provide Ferro-magnetic, false colour maps which highlight potential items of UXO contamination deemed worthy of investigation.

Intrusive UXO surveys use specialist rigs to push or drill a Ferro-magnetic probe into the ground. The probe has a “Safe Look-ahead” capability therefore the process is completely safe to conduct. This type of survey is ideal for clearing intended piling positions.

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MACC International Limited 

Camilla Court,

Nacton Village,


Suffolk IP10 0EU

+44 (0) 1473 655127

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